Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Ten minutes will be allotted for each oral presentation with an additional five minutes for questions from the audience. Presentations will be adjudicated and timed. Due to the large number of presentations, no exceptions to these time limitations may be granted.

Presentation slideshows are encouraged. To ensure compatibility with conference technology, please prepare any slideshows using Microsoft PowerPoint. Please be prepared to e-mail or transfer your presentation when you arrive at the conference.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

All presenters will discuss their research with audience members and adjudicators during the poster session. Adjudicators will be evaluating a large number of presentations. Therefore, presenters should expect to discuss their posters for no more than five minutes.

To accommodate all presentations, posters must be no larger than 121 cm (48 inches) wide by 91 cm (36 inches) high. Larger posters will not be able to be accommodated due to the dimensions of available space.