Congratulations to our 2017 Winners!

Dr. Ryan Frayne, Dalhousie University – “Quantifying interface forces between goaltenders’ legs and leg pads in ice hockey”

Best Oral Presentation, PhD Level, Canadian Society for Biomechanics

Zach Henderson, Lakehead University – “Ankle Bracing’s Effect on Lower Extremity Biomechanics During Athletic Performance Tasks”

Best Oral Presentation, Masters Level, Canadian Society for Biomechanics

Savrina Goldenberg, Dalhousie University – “Movement Related Increases in Blood Pressure During Arm Crank”

Best Oral Presentation, Undergraduate Level, Canadian Society for Biomechanics

Melissa Yelle, Dalhousie University – “Cognition and Functional Mobility Outcome in Lower Limb Amputees”

Best Poster Presentation, Canadian Society for Biomechanics

Kaitlyn Sibbald, Dalhousie University – “Preserving Polyrationality: Wicked Problems and Clumsy Solutions in Self-Managing Fibromyalgia”

Best Poster Presentation, General

Marisa Rostek, Dalhousie University – “Exploring Perceptions of Active Transportation Among Dalhousie Employees Through Photovoice”

Runner-up Poster Presentation, General 

Breeanna Gallant, St. Thomas University – “Representing Mental Health and Illness: A Discourse Analysis of #MyDefinition Anti-Stigma Campaign”

Best Oral Presentation, Room 266

Vashti Campbell, Memorial University of Newfoundland – “Cultural narratives in psychiatry: Barriers to mental health for communities of colour in Canada”

Runner-up Oral Presentation, Room 266

Bonita Squires, Dalhousie University – “Morpheme use, morphological awareness and reading ability in children who are deaf/hard-of-hearing”

Best Oral Presentation, Room 264

Michelle Greason, University of New Brunswick – “Ethical ambiguity in long-term care: Exploring the ethical reasoning process of frontline staff”

Runner-up Presentation, Room 264

Ellen Withers, Dalhousie University – “Examining preventive programs that address risk for problematic gambling for adults 60 years and older”

Best Oral Presentation, Room 268

Adria Quigley, Dalhousie University – “Exercise and Cognitive Function in people living with HIV: A Scoping Review”

Runner-up Oral Presentation, Room 268

Martha Paynter, Dalhousie University – “Got Human Milk? Ethical, Legal and Economic arguments for Milk Banking in Atlantic Canada”

Best Oral Presentation, Room 140

Kathleen Merwin, Dalhousie University – “Approach and avoidance goals for disclosing sexual problems are associated with women’s well-being”

Runner-up Oral Presentation, Room 140

Jenna Shaddock, Dalhousie University – “Evaluation of Girls Rock: A Program for Girls in Grades 5 and 6”

Best Oral Presentation, Room 150

Natalie Houser, Dalhousie University – “Is age just a number? Exploring school-aged children’s physical literacy development”

Runner-up Oral Presentation, Room 150

Antonia Di Castri, St. Francis Xavier University – “Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviours of Public and Providers About Pharmacists as Immunizers”

Best Oral Presentation, Room 170

Michelle Meringer, Queen’s University – “Identification of BChE as a novel mediator of radioresistance and aggression in prostate cancer”

Runner-up Oral Presentation, Room 170